About Three Square

Three Square is Southern Nevada’s only Food Bank

Clara Blackwell - HHNLV 3Three Square is an efficient hub for the collection and distribution of food. We provide food equitably to more than 600 Program Partners, including non-profit and faith-based organizations, schools, after-school and summer food service sites throughout Southern Nevada that serve the hungry. Additionally, Three Square facilitates and administers childhood and senior nutrition programs and engages in advocacy, research and community outreach.

A national model project, Three Square is a community collaborative partnership with the gaming industry, businesses, non-profits agencies, food distributors, UNLV, the CCSD, governmental entities, the media and hundreds of volunteers to efficiently and effectively serve hope to the hungry. We are also a member of the Feeding America network of food banks, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief organization.

Our Mission

To provide wholesome food to hungry people, while passionately pursuing a hunger-free community.

Our Vision

No one in our community should be hungry.

Meet some of the families and individuals
you’ve helped.

RamferiandwifeRamferi and his wife, Keila are finally getting back on their feet. It wasn’t long ago that Ramferi was just starting a new job and the family moved to a new neighborhood to be closer to it.  It took them longer than expected to catch up on their bills and they struggled for some time just to put food on the table. They credit your support of Three Square for helping give them the boost they needed. This year’s holidays will be especially bright because of you.
"It’s a blessing…a huge blessing."

daveDave, a proud father and grandfather, was an entrepreneurial business man before he retired. His businesses around town allowed him to live comfortably, but when it came time to retire and sell them, the economy took a downhill turn. He ended up losing money rather than gaining the retirement fund he had planned. Now, living on a fixed income, he struggles to make ends meet. Dave receives food from Three Square at the weekly distribution at his senior living community.  Thanks to your support, Dave is able to live in retirement a little more comfortably.  
“I appreciate everything you do for us.”

anniceFor the first time in 20 years, Annice is out of a job. With two children at home, she has been overwhelmed with worry since she was laid off. Struggling to just pay the bills, Annice turned to a Three Square Program Partner for help with food for her family. She is able to receive healthy staples like fresh produce, bread, rice and beans, all of which are available thanks to your support of Three Square.  Your compassion is allowing Annice and her two daughters to gather around the table and have a special holiday meal this year.
“I am so appreciative…thank you!”

lindaandrayLinda and Ray are high school sweethearts that raised a self-sufficient family here in Las Vegas.  Both were employed up until the economic slump, Linda worked at a real-estate company and Ray was a welder for nearly two decades. Sadly, they both lost their jobs in the same month. The hardest part about their unemployment has been providing food for their 9 year old grandson, whom they have raised since birth.  The pair was able to find a Three Square Program Partner where they could receive nutritious groceries. Linda has already found another job and Ray continues to look. Both are so thankful that they have support from donors like you during these tough times.
“Thank you so much for helping us…we appreciate it.”

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